Twitter currently hiring experts to assist in the health research of its platform

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Every software platform contains faults and strengths. Twitter, on the other hand, is currently hiring researchers and experts to help in examining and looking into matters concerning the well-being and the health of all conversations going on within the platform. According to Twitter, the experts and researchers will be divided into two main categories namely the uncivil discourse and the bridging gap existing between the twitter community.

According to the communication and social platform authority, Twitter has been faced with the highest level of word abuse and criticism within its platform. Therefore, Twitter decided to high this researcher and experts look closely and keenly onto this matter. The researchers are to work and ensure removal of any abusive words within the platform whereas the experts are there to check the ways of eliminating this abusive issues within the platform.

From previous reports, Twitter has been suffering major blows form the idea of continually removing this content from the platform. Nevertheless, twitter did this for the purpose of health communication within its platform. This also was a way to eliminate the spread of hate speeches and word since the platform contains over 1 billion people. Considering the number of people, then it is ideally good to make the platform healthier.

According to the experts, measuring public communication is thoughtful and more so. This is only possible through the comprehensive measures taken by Twitter to ensuring the communication released among individuals or users within the platform is healthy and safe to read. Twitter, on the other hand, assured its users in providing a much healthier platform.

Furthermore, Twitter at the moment is rooting off the unworthy and unhealthy content which may be deposited or might have been deposited to the platform which isn’t healthy for the public majority. Twitter, on the other hand, reported that even though this task is criticized so much, the platform will operate and work with this teams to ensure the well-being of the platform and the user in it. This also will ensure the platform being among the top social platform within the communication sector.