Taiwan’s $330 million military purchase approved by the U.S.

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According to recent reports, the Pentagon on Monday said that the U.S. State Department approved the spare parts sale to Taiwan of the F-16 fighter planes and more so other military aircraft which all in total worth about $330 million. Surprisingly, China which claims that Taiwan is its territory but according to the reports Taiwan is a self-ruled country. Nevertheless, the U.S. military at the moment is finalizing on the details of this military equipment sales. However, this was a surprise considering that this deal or purchase is irritating and this could led to devastating relations between the two largest world’s economies. However, Taiwan, on the other hand, will also need to still finalize all details in accordance to sale with the U.S. companies. In addition to this the Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency in a statement said that the proposed sale according to the country economy will contribute to national security and foreign policy of the United States through providing help in improving the defensive and security capability of the other end (the recipient), which according to the U. S. has always been and will always continue to be the most important force as far as political stability, economic progress and military balance is concerned within the region.

Nevertheless, China is highly suspicious of the U.S. intentions toward the Taiwan government, according to China’s reports, Taiwan is highly equipped with U.S.-made weaponry. In addition to this and which even makes China to have deep concerns is the ongoing sales which has just transpired between Taiwan and the U. S. government. This has left China deeply suspicious as Washington wants to sell more of its advanced equipment to Taiwan including which includes new fighter jets. On Tuesday, in a statement, the Taiwan’s Presidential Office highly appreciated and thanked the United States for all the support it has provided to their country and in addition to this, Taiwan’s Presidential Office said that the island will still remain in close cooperation and communication with the U. S. on issues like security.