Still more good news is expected for the cattle business

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The resurgence of livestock in Argentina still has good chapters ahead. The recomposition of the number of heads, with sustained internal consumption and increased exports, good prices in general, improved transparency throughout the chain and the opening of new markets, would be only the first part of the film that began roll a little over two years ago.

“The demand grows and Mercosur is the main possible supplier, we are at the right moment in the right place,” said technical adviser Fernando Canosa. And his co-coach of the technical team at the Table of Meat, Víctor Tonelli, redoubled the bet: “We expect many good opportunities in the short term, such as the opening of the United States, which would not surprise me soon.”

The two specialists expressed optimism, in dialogue with Clarín Rural, after the presentation organized by AdBlick, an investment project organizer who for the first time is more interested in putting chips into the meat business than in the grain modules.

It happens that 2018 started with everything, first with the extension of Israel (the 4th client of our country in this area) that increased the useful life of chilled meat from 45 to 85 days, which, after discounting the 50 days of maritime freight leaves 35 days available for marketing in gondola. This allows exporting chilled cuts of high value. And then came the news of the year in the matter: the agreement with China (which already captures half of our shipments) for the expansion of cuts, which includes chilled and bone bovine meats, as well as sheep and goats from Patagonia.

However, two specialists from the Meat Board are convinced that new good news will come in the short term.

According to Canosa, there is an opening of markets and an unmet demand worldwide for meat consumption. “This implies a huge opportunity for Mercosur as a region. In addition, there has not been a government in the history of Argentine politics that gives as much importance to this product as the current leadership does, “he said.

And he recommended “aiming with long headlights, and stop looking in the rearview mirror. It’s time to bet on the meat. There are very few countries and regions with as many growth possibilities as we do. The dreamed moment arrived, I never imagined to be living it “.

Tonelli, for his part, commented that for a long time there are different factors that affect the increase in the consumption of animal proteins around the world. “The urbanization process implies a huge demand potential, and Argentina’s attitude has improved greatly to take advantage of it. It must be taken into account that the bone represents a valuation in U $ S 800 of the price of the tonne of the bovine meats “.

He also stressed that intense work is being done on different free trade agreements with Mexico, Canada and Korea, which add great possibilities for a competitive jump in the business to occur. “

Punctually, Tonelli is confident that negotiations underway to reach a European Union-Mercosur agreement can offer “a positive result in the short term, at least specifically with respect to cattle and meat. We are talking about no less than another Hilton Fee “, which today represents a business for Argentina of almost US $ 400 million, with the incentive that for every ton-our country is allocated 29.500- an average of US $ is charged 13,000

In addition to the referred, the consultant has faith in adding soon to the sophisticated Japanese market.