Rights activists placed under house arrest by Indian’s top court as outrage grows

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Exclusive reports from India show that rights activists have been placed under house arrest by the India top court as the outrage grows bigger. According to Indian media sources, the high court ordered police early on Wednesday to detain 5 rights prominent campaigners who were suspected of having links to the Maoist guerrillas. This detention however, has led to outrage over their house arrest.

However, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government to stifle all dissent. The Prime Minister, on the other hand, dismissed all the allegations pertaining to the prominent campaigners( activists). The prominent campaigners where detained early on Wednesday following a court order from India top court. According to the Prime Minister reports the alleged activists where part of a crackdown in attempt of stifle which led to their detention.

On the other hand, the police seized  this 5 activists and hold onto their laptops, tablets, mobile phone and other materials which they possed at the moment of detention. The police nevertheless captured this 5 activists in different parts of the cities. This was after the activists triggered protests and more so led into a petition which was challenging the Supreme Court action.

Sudha Bharadwaj, one of the famous activists who for years have been fighting for workers rights in India such as Chhattisgarh and many more where this groups exist and had the voice of recognition said that this detention was planned since she had a government opponent and this was part of a border crackdown within the government.

According to her,  The arrests and detention followed after months of tensions which existed between the right-wing advocates and the nationalist groups of free speech which for several months has played out in campuses ,college and more so spread over into the streets. In addition to the previous detention,  critics also included in the reports that majority journalists have been asked to abandon their jobs due to their news on the critical reports of the government. Among those detained activists where, a prominent poet from southern city of Hyderabad, Varavara Rao,  activist Arun Ferreira from Mumbai and lastly activist Vernon Gonsalves.