Redkix software company purchased by Facebook

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Redkix software company, Israel’s company which was founded by Roy Antebi and Oudi was recently bought by Facebook. This was announced shortly after the company was purchased by Facebook early this month. Redkix software company which deals with team and email messaging was announced early on Thursday sold to Facebook. According to reports, the company agreed to be bought by Facebook with the agreement of entering the workplace team which was intended to help companies in collaborating.

According to reports, the agreement between Facebook and the software company was done privately, no one had an idea of what was going on between the two tile on Thursday when the press released the official sell of Redkix software company to Facebook. Nevertheless, the financial reports and the price details were not disclosed to the public.

More so the information nevertheless was disclosed even though the source never disclosed the exact amount the Redkix software company was sold to Facebook, the source which is a close source to the two corporative said the deal was less than $100 million. This was according to the transaction deals.

According to Facebook, over 300 000 companies contribute and uses the workplace owned by Facebook to collaborate and merge with different colleagues and companies. This is nevertheless a breakthrough in getting more and more work done with these companies merging together as one. Merging of this companies will only increase the output and the yield with which the companies independently produces.

Redkix software company, on the other hand, sold the company to Facebook with the aim of bringing people together. According to the co-founders of both companies. Joining the services, they offer to the consumers will ease their activities and therefore make production easier. The Redkix software company purpose of selling the company was simply to bring together companies and making them collaborate to ensure high productivity.

Facebook nevertheless stated that buying of the Redkix software company is a great achievement to Facebook and its users since acquiring the services produced by the Redkix software company will only increase productivity and connectivity among individuals. This according to Facebook will ensure additional services hence influencing a huge group in investing through Facebooks workplace.