Prime Minister Theresa May cautions rebels support my Brexit deal or face no deal

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According to recent reports, Theresa May, Prime Minister on Monday cautioned all her rebels within her party and told them that unless all of them support her current potential Brexit deal which is supposed to be signed with the EU then the country is going to face potentially disorderly or what she refers to as no-deal exit which the IMF stated that it would make significantly the United Kingdom poorer. In accordance to the Brexit deal, The United Kingdom is expected to break ties with EU earlier on 29 March. However, this information from the United Kingdom is not yet clear. Until now, United Kingdom have not given an exit agreement and that some rebels within May’s Conservative Party threatened that they will vote down this deal if at any point she clinches one.

Nevertheless, May told BBC TV that he thinks that the only alternative plan to that will be having no deal at all. However, May’s government fate and also her Brexit plan currently is on hold, since up to now  it is not clear whether May would command the entire 320 votes which she currently needs in the common House, which according to the British parliament is considered the lowest house down the line to that this deal may be approved. May however said that if she gets the votes then this deal would be ultimately approving through the   parliament.

However, signals from Brussels hopes that the EU and the United Kingdom will agree and more so approve the proper divorce agreement which exists between them before UK departs, nevertheless, the other sides are still in division whereby about 1/5 of the members are against this deal. Nevertheless, many investors and business chiefs currently fear the ongoing politics which according to the signals, the parties involved might scupper an agreement thereby thrusting the fifth world largest economy into no-deal Brexit which according to them would weaken the entire West spook financial markets hence block the entire roots of trade. This indeed would be a drastic fall in the countries economy hence the need of the rebels to support May’s Brexit plans.