News and features of the new IOS 12

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Did you know of the recent new updates from IPhone dealers? Then recently iPhone announced officially the availability of a new IOS 12 Beta update on any electronic device which operates on mac and IOS system. According to reports, this new update is free of change and any IOS user can download and install the updates from the IOS play store.

According to reports, the new IOS 12 was developed recently following the unstable previous IOS 11 Beta which nearly damaged IOS user devices. According to IOS servers, the developed IOS 11 was unstable and that’s the reason behind the development of the new IOS 12 upgraded version of the IOS 11 beta.

For the user, according to the IOS personals, the update is to be released official Friday early this week hence IOS users may opt to download and install the updates at the moment or wait for the official release of the IOS 12 update and download it for which according to their views is all the same thing.

According to the recent development and upgrades of the previous IOS 11 to IOS 12, then the IOS 12 has more features and more numbers of refresh making it more unique than any other previous update IOS has ever developed.

The developers of this new IOS 12 upgrade said that IOS user will definitely want the update more than the previous one following the fact that this new IOS 12 update is less problematic and also increases the performance of your device.

Nevertheless, developers suggest that if the device you need to install the update or the upgrade is your primary device, then you need to consider waiting for the official release of this feature. This is to assure the IOS users that incase of any problems the company will compensate you fully. If you opt to install the update before the official release, then you will be the risk taker and the company will not compensate you in any way.