Microtransactions are unfortunate reality says NBA 2K19

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According to recent sports reports, VC is among one of the unfortunate reality modern gaming platform. Nevertheless, every game in some way, at some point has their own currency and all try as much as possible to get additional revenue from every player within the match and mostly the plays who played during the game. Rob Jones, who is a senior producer of the NBA 2K19 game said in an interview with some of the reporters who wanted to know more about this new NBA 2K19 game. During this interview, he said that when the NBA 2K18 was launched early last year, it was among the top games which received the most positive reviews. The one and only complaint about this new game were critics and most users had what it seemed to be the sheer number of the microtransactions being pushed within the game.

However, according to GameSpot in its review under the NBA 2K18 said that Microtransactions are currently everywhere and that if we try to advance without considering them it will be automatically impossible to achieve the standard upgrade. However, this is a great surprise for any kind of game affiliated with EA, likewise, the NBA 2K18 game felt a pay-to-win game title. The grind for the in-game built currency was nevertheless so long to an extent that players considered microtransactions as the only option when it comes to advancement.

Nevertheless, with the upcoming NBA 2K19, which will be launched before the end of the week, Trusted Reviews also got a chance to have a talk with the Rob Jones 2K Sports’ developer and also the Senior Producer concerning this issue. Nevertheless, not surprisingly, Jones went ahead and blamed the microtransactions for literally which every other game producer suffers from. However, Jones said in a statement during an interview that The long extended VC is unfortunate on the reality of this new modern gamings said, Jones. He said considering the real game, the players are paid according to their countries currency and that Microtransaction is the best way to incorporate every player’s currency. Without Microtransaction, then it would be impossible to pay the player in any way.