Microsoft’s Xcloud Is Bringing Xbox Games Anywhere You Are

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Microsoft is all set to launch its project xCloud which will allow the people to play their favorite Xbox games on a variety of different screens, from PC monitors to smartphones.

Microsoft hinted at this development at the annual E3 trade show in June.

xCloud will enable the users to stream the games anywhere they would like to and on any screen.

Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription service that gives its members access to a library of games supported by Xbox. Game Pass titles need to be downloaded and installed. No streaming here.

Project xCloud is similar to Netflix. The hardware required to run a Halo or Gears of War is off in a data center somewhere, and the images you see on your screen are beamed there while your controller inputs are sent back to the data center and processed there.

It’s not a new technology. It had some glitches but some of the big gaming companies had been working on it to make streaming games possible.

Google is also developing its own streaming games product which they have named Project Stream. This project is the first ever entry of the company into the gaming.

Project xCloud, then, is Microsoft’s take on game streaming. A trailer runs through exactly how that works: Custom data centers equipped with rack-mounted units that each contain the guts of multiple Xbox One consoles.

Microsoft plans to start testing this streaming gaming in 2019. The company has not revealed any information on its pricing, texture and how it will work with your save data (or not) if you also play games on an actual Xbox.

Microsoft released a trailer which establishes that the game streaming will be supported on PC and mobile. Some kind of xCloud app will be available for Xbox consoles as well.

Microsoft will roll out this new technology in the market next year.