India steps closer in making instant Muslim divorce punishable offense

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According to trending reports, on Wednesday, as the current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi looks into woo and scooping all the Muslim women voters, a government minister yesterday in a statement said that India’s cabinet recently approved an executive order which in accordance to the law make the instant divorce among the Muslims community staying in India a procedure which is referred to as triple talaq and more so a punishable offense to the law of courts. The Supreme Court, on the other hand, outlawed this practice earlier last year, however, Modi’s government recently made this law a non-bailable offense which according to the carried a jail term sentence of up to a maximum of 3 years following protests by the Muslim women.

In accordance to the ongoing Muslim divorce procedures, Ravi Shankar Prasad who is the current Federal Law Minister during a news conference said that the cabinet approved and agreed on the decree simply because this practice would have persisted in despite made by the court persecutors and more so the entire court decision. Early on August last year, the Supreme Court, on the other hand, ruled over the unconstitutional law which allowed the Muslim men to end their marriages (divorce) to their wives just by simply uttering the word ‘talaq’ which also refers to divorce in the Arabic language for a maximum of three times. The government however has made efforts trying to push legislation to explicitly ban all the existing procedure. During an Independence Day speech which was held last month, Modi in his speech said that he will not stop this legislation laws till all Muslim’s get the justice they deserve. In his speech she was targeting the women in particular.

Considering the upcoming elections, Modi looks into scooping all the Muslim women voters by pushing the legislation harder in amending and approving this pending law concerning the instant Muslim divorce punishable offense which Muslim’s women are currently facing in their marriages. This law once approved will help many Muslim women since the men can no longer alter the name divorce three times to escape from the charges.