For the first time China engages in Australia’s largest maritime drill

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According to recent reports, China is currently participating in the Australia’s largest maritime for the first time. According to the exercise, more than 3,000 personnel from 27 different countries are expected to engage in a joint training which will kick off on a strategic center located on the northern port of Darwin. Nevertheless, Kakadu Exercise is expecting to host 23 ships and more so additional 23 submarines across Indo-Pacific region, this according to the exercise was added in order to enable the participants to establish all the vicinity and more so it will help them in preventing any conflict which could occur on the high seas and more so help in coordinating a disaster relief support.

However, according to Australian frigate HMAS Newcastle, Commander Anita Sellick said in a meeting that two Royal Australian Navy sailors were accepted to join the China’s naval frigate Huangshan in the coarse of the drill. Nevertheless, on Saturday, Two of the Australian navy sailors right now are across the Chinese ship. Sellick told reporters that both ships have been integrate to incorporate each other’s navy and meanwhile both will have time to learn a little bit of what life expected to feel like during the Kakadu exercise which is expected to be initiated today.

In addition to this, on Friday Rear Admiral Jonathan Mead, the Commander of the Australian Fleet spoke to the reporters in Darwin and said in a televised interview that according to this exercise to be held the countries will have mutual benefits in not only building understanding but also on matters of trust during the entire exercise. However, integrating all this Liberation Army Navy into the training with American forces, Australian forces and Canadian forces for the first time ever will assure China an opportunity to expand and improve their working and business relationship with all those countries which are expected in participating in this exercise, which according to previous exercise has been hard. This will not only help improve China but will help boost China’s relationship with other countries and this might be the greatest breakthrough in China’s history in participation in this exercise drill.