Flights between London and Tehran to be suspended by the British Airways

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Recent reports show that British Airways have suspended flights between London and Tehran. This followed after the airline released a report which stated that the reason behind the suspension of the flights between this two-point was not commercially viable. According to previous reports, the route was previously reinstated in 2015 accord among the western countries and Iran under which majority of international sanctions where on Iran and which were lifted in return for curbs nuclear programme which was carried on in the country.

However, USA president Donald Trump withdrew from the deal saying that this was chocking Iran’s economy and therefore the only option left for Iran is either to change direction or Iran to be forced into renegotiating. According to president Donald Trump, he referred to this as reimposing sanctions and also refers to this as flawed which will not only strain Iran’s economy but also choke its entire budget.

However, British Airways which is primarily owned by IAG, Spanish registered in a statement said that the last inbound flight which will be from Tehran to London will be on 23 September. Likewise, the last inbound flight which will be from London to Tehran will be on 22 September. This information was released just after the airline service had a meeting and afterward, the company in a statement said that the airways service is suspending all the Tehran to London flight as the flight service is currently not a commercially viable.

According to big companies like British Airways, flights are only made available to cities with a Commercial benefit.  Doing that will ensure no loss of any kind. A commercially viable service is whereby the individual or the company giving you services will cater all their needs through the service in which the company is offering you.  British Airways, on the other hand, stated that if the service offered between the two point is viable at any time, then the service will be reinstated. Likewise, if still, the stand of not being commercially viable remains, then the flight services will remain suspended.