Fight between vintners and winemakers for the value of the grape

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It is a tradition among grape producers to give the word of the crop to the wineries and, in turn, that the wineries respect the conditions, always by word of mouth, previously agreed upon. This year it was agreed to a harvest that was very voluminous, that the same price of the grape was paid as in 2017 with terms that did not exceed 60 days.

It is worth clarifying that last year with one of the lowest grape harvest in 50 years, the price of the grape was revived. What happens in this season is that the grape is paid $ 21 instead of the $ 24 a year ago and the terms were stretched up to a year from August.

Hence, the vintners will ask the governor of Mendoza, Alfredo Cornejo, to push for a law that establishes that there must be contracts, or a legal instrument for the conditions to be respected. Sebastian Lafalla, son of the former governor and the Association of Vineyards of Mendoza, said that “there are many wineries that are lowering the price of a kilo of grapes and extending payments to 12 months. We are devastated. “