Due to Pakistan records on militants, Pentagon has decided to cancel support

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According to recent reports, The U.S. military in a statement said that finally it has come to a final decision which is to terminate over $300 million which was kept aside for the aid of Pakistan. The Pentagon came to this decision saying that the aid at the moment has been suspended till further notice.  This followed over the Islamabad perceived situation where U. S has initially added Pakistan to take action against the militants but Pakistan failed to do so. Pakistan refused to take intiative to the militants over a new blow to about deteriorating ties.

Nevertheless, according to this so-called Coalition Funds which was set aside for support on the broader was announced by President Donald Trump suspended in aid to Pakistan as from the start of the year. According to President Donald Trump, he accused Pakistan of the secret rewarding of the past assistance which according to him was nothing but deceit and lies which Pakistan used to sweet talk The U. S over providing the $300 million on their aid and more military support on it’s borders. In addition to this, according to Trump administration, Islamabad was granted safe haven to all the insurgents who were waging 17-year-old war in the neighboring country Afghanistan. However Pakistan denied this charge by the U. S.

Nevertheless,  the U. S through its government officials said that there is the possibility of Pakistan winning back this aid only if it changes it’s old behavior and adopt to better behavior. U.S. However,  according to Jim Mattis, the Defense Secretary particularly had authorized $300 million in support funds to the Pakistan government this summer but was concerned with action of Pakistan heading to collect the insurgents. However according to U.S. official, Mattis chose not to see through this money. Nevertheless, Lieutenant Colonel Kone Faulkner, who is the current Pentagon spokesman said that due to Pakistani decisive initiatives to support the South Asia Strategy, then the $300 million will be reprogrammed to serve other purposes. However,  Pakistan was assured of winning the aid back only if they changed their behavior.