100 people killed in floods across 10 states says Nigeria’s disasters agency

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According to recent reports from Nigeria, on Monday, heavy Floods which flowed in the central and southern Nigeria according to the country’s disasters and the emergency agency has led to the death of over 100 people across ten states. According to the disasters and emergency agency, such flooding tends strike every year during the rainy season. However, exacerbated by infrastructure which is equivalently poor and more so lack of the government in planning to protect against the inundation. this year nevertheless has led to the destruction and considering the past years, since 2012, the condition has kept worsening.

Nevertheless, Sani Datti, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) spokesman following this heavy rain which has been experienced over the past day said that Based on the available data, over 100 people so far have lost their life’s in the 10 states. Sani Datti said that since the floods struck, the government has declared a national disaster on 4 states. These states are Anambra, Kogi, Niger, and Delta respectively meaning that the federal government up to now has taken in control over the rescue search and the rehabilitation of victims. Delta, according to reports is one of Nigeria oil-producing state which is located on Niger Delta region which is considered as home to Africa’s largest energy industry, whereby the Niger river creeks before draining into the Atlantic Ocean. However, till now, no reported have been released concerning the impact of this floods on the crude oil production.

Niger and Kogi, on the other hand, are located at the centre of the country while the remaining two states located in the southern regions. Nevertheless, Floods at Lokoja, which is the capital of Kogi had partially submerged houses. The city, however, lies within the Niger and the confluence of the Benue, which according to geography is Africa’s third-longest river which makes it more particularly to vulnerability. In addition to this, Angulu Atodo, who is a retiree in Lokoja said that water started flowing this month and then after a short while, it started appearing behind the houses and it never stop increasing rather it continued until last week when the water surrounded the entire houses.